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GEMS - GISE K-8 STEM Academy

GEMS - GISE K-8 STEM Academy

The MPS GEMS-GISE summer program will offer two STEM Academy experiences for students this summer.

  • Who: GEMS/GISE students and Minneapolis Public School (MPS) students currently in grades K-8.
  • What: A summer program focused on STEM learning in a project-based and problem-based curriculum and instructional approach.
  • Where: 
    • GEMS/GISE at Andersen United Elementary: Grades K-4 (2018-19 Grade)
    • GEMS/GISE at Olson Middle School and Sanford Middle School: Grades 5-7 (2018-19 Grade)
  • When: June 17th through July 25th; Monday through Thursday (Closed July 4th)
  • Transportation and lunch are provided.


Click here to access our GEMS/GISE STEM applications and Continuous Learning Plan documents for current grades K-4 and 5-7


Course Descriptions
Amazing Structures: Bridges & Towers
Design and construct a variety of bridges and towers while exploring force.
Drumming and Guitar
Designing and building musical instruments plus an introduction to playing percussion and strings is another note on our STEM scale.
Engineering the Ride
Explore Minneapolis’ many bike trails and learn about the simple machines and mechanisms that make our bikes work.
Writing and composing music using electronic keyboards and computer programming with Garage Band is the key to this music exploration. Robotics Design, construct and program Lego robots to do things autonomously.
STEM in the Gym
A kinesthetic and active way to engage in science, technology, engineering and mathematics while building teamwork skills in the gym.
SOAR/ History of Flight
The sky is the limit as we explore the principles of flight while building things that SOAR.
Art by Design
Weebly Animation, animatronics with Rob Ives and Claymation bring design and art to life.
Tech 4 Boyz / Tech 4 Girlz
Movie making, LEGO Story Starters, Hue Animation and coding (using Scratch & Scratch Jr.) support student’s computational thinking and creative
Example of Course Descriptions
Amazing Structures: Bridges & Towers
Students will investigate tower and bridge designs, the forces that act on them, and the materials that can withstand those forces.
Cooking by Design
This design-based integrated STEM – Nutrition class engages students in using a variety of creativity and idea generation tools.
Drumline or Guitar
Develop performance skills, rehearse music and choreography, and create a composition and arrangement.
Engineering the Ride
Explore the mechanics of the standard road bike while riding through the urban parks and streets of Minneapolis.
Expedition Minneapolis
Engage in a wide variety of environmental field experiences through the use of scientific inquiry, while learning to use the tools of a naturalist.
Explore Robotics
Students will utilize their prototypes and programming skills to solve design challenges using the LEGO Mindstorms Robotic System.
STEM Gear by Style Engineers
Activities are designed to explore the science and technology of fashion.
Game On! Recreational Sports & Activities
Learn and practice the skills of Lacrosse, Soccer, Volleyball and Rugby.
The sky is the limit in this course that focuses on aerospace engineering.
Theatre or Dance
Design and perform while learning the technical elements of theatre or dance.
Design Art Meets Engineering
Students will work on various Art Engineering Design Challenges.
Urban Boatbuilding & Exploration
Design and construct wooden boats, canoe waterways and improve swimming.