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GEMS and GISE K-8 STEM Academy at Augsburg College
GEMS and GISE K-8 STEM Academy at Augsburg College

Summer 2014

Augsburg College will host MPS K-8th grade students and teachers as they explore Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. The summer program will include classes such as Robotics, Engineering Design, NASA SOI, Roller Coaster Physics, Civil Engineering, Tech4Boyz/Tech4Girlz, Programming, and more all within the Augsburg College setting.

K-8 Summer STEM Academy

  • Who: LittleGEMS/Jr.GISE students, GEMS/GISE students, Minneapolis Public School students currently in grades K-8.
  • What: A summer program focused on STEM learning in a project-based and problem-based curriculum and instructional approach.
  • When: July 7th through July 24th; Monday through Thursday; 9AM-4PM
  • Where: Augsburg College
  • Transportation and lunch are provided.

Courses Include:

•   Robotics
•   Roller Coaster Physics
•   Bridges and other Amazing Structures
•   Tech4Boyz and Tech4Girlz
•   NASA Summer of Innovation- STEM Explorations
•   Elective Courses: Art of Design/Studio/ Programming: (Learn to Code)

Course Descriptions:

  • Robotics: In this exciting class students learn about mechanical design, construction, programming, and teamwork skills. Working in pairs or teams, students build different robot prototypes using LEGO building elements, motors, and sensors. The students program their robots with the computer to move, react, and make sounds. Students will utilize their prototypes and programming skills to solve design challenges using the LEGO Mindstorms Robotic System. (Introduction, Intermediate, and Advanced)

  • Bridges and other Amazing Structures: This class is dedicated to exploring civil engineering fundamentals and structural design. Students will investigate tower and bridge designs, the forces that act on them, and the materials that can withstand those forces. Students design their own structures, towers, and bridges for the challenge taking into consideration the cost limitations, safety, available materials, the environment, and overall impact. (Course developed in collaboration with Augsburg College Phillips Scholar/Physics and Math Dept.)

  • Electronics: In these engaging and investigative classes students are immersed in the fundamentals of electronics. Students work and learn through exciting, project-based electronics activities utilizing circuit boards and electronic components for circuit construction, testing, and troubleshooting. Students will have an opportunity to build their own technology through designing circuit games, buzzers, alarms, speakers, and boombox construction. Students in 6th - 8th grade will have an opportunity to explore digital electronics. (Course Developed in collaboration with the Tronix Team)

  • Tech4Boyz and Tech4Girlz: NASA Summer of Innovation Exploration: The students in this class will engage in hands-on NASA explorations in the study of earth/space science and engineering. Program experiences include the earth/moon system, universe, planetology, remote sensing, aeronautics, and engineering design challenges. In the culminating project, students will produce a NASA SOI iMovie utilizing fundamental video production and communication skills. (Class developed in collaboration with NASA Summer of Innovation Project-NASA Glenn Research Center)

  • Elective Courses: Physics of Sports/Art Design/Studio (e-music/video production)



The Application Deadline is: 3/7/14

Parent Notifications of Assignment Mailed by: 3/24/14

 Grade K-8 Applications: English, Spanish, Somali, Hmong

 Completed applications should be sent to:   Attention: Melinda Stapley - GEMS-GISE K-8 STEM Academy- Summer 2014

 Can be submitted by any of the following:


 For further information, please contact:

Melinda M. Stapley
District ALC STEM Coordinator
Phone: 612.668.1207
Cell: 612.290.2363
Fax: 612.668.5305